Bulk batch transfer weigher for bulk components

The ALFRA BBT can be used to transport batches of powders, granulates or pellets in every production environment. For example, to transport a complete dosed batch to a mixer or complete finished product to silos or counter sets. Product damage and contamination are hereby prevented.





ALF-BBTxy - RVS.png
Technical specs


Dosing range 400 g to 4.500 kg
Dosing accuracy 400 g - 2000 g
Weighing accuracy 200 g - 1000 g
Capacity 1. 000 kg - 4.500 kg
Silo positions 1 to 40+ silo positions


Key advantages


  • Fast and clean transport
  • Check weigher allows for cross reference check of weight
  • Preservation of product quality during transport
  • Contamination-free transport


Bulk components

The ALFRA Bulk Batch Transport ensures a complete batch is discharged at once and transported to the desired discharge position. A controlling weighing function can be added to the bunker for stock control, as an optional feature. 

Because the weighing hopper is placed on a movable frame, it is possible to position the transport system underneath any desired loading or discharge position. This makes the plant layout more flexible and reduces the risk of contamination of raw materials. Because the product-filled bunker is being moved in its entirety, damage to the product is minimal.

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