Dosing & weighing of bulk components

  • High dosing capacity up to 144 tons/hour
  • Very wide dosing range with ‘weigher in weigher’
  • Movable: applicable for large number of silos
  • Flexible sizing options -  to fit your silo layout
  • Can be set up with multiple discharge positions
  • Compact weighing hopper, low contamination risk
  • Easy to clean


ALF-BCDxy - Lightbox (2).png
Technical specs
Dosing range 1 kg to 3.000 kg
Dosing accuracy 10 g
Weighing accuracy 20 g
Weigher capacity 3.000 kg
Dosing positions 8 to 40+ silo positions



Bulk components

The BCDxy is a versatile dosing system that has been developed for reliable and accurate dosing of macro quantities of components. Designed as a movable system, it can operate with a large number of silos - and even a widely spread silo block. This compact system uses our ALFRA dosing slides, the ALFRA dose&weigh controller and is optionally available with our Weigher-in-Weigher concept. It is ideal for extremely accurate dosing of quantities ranging from 1 kg to 3.000 kilogram.

The compact design brings another advantage: a significantly reduced risk of contamination. The smaller dimensions mean the product contact surface is kept small, allowing the movable weigher to position itself above one or more discharge locations without the need for horizontal and vertical transportation like pipework and conveyors. This minimizes the risk of contamination.  


Moreover, with two weighing scales in one hopper we make full use of our pioneering dosing slide concept. Dosing large quantities directly into the large weigher – with smaller quantities first going into the small weigher – means high throughput combined with excellent accuracy. Now the appropriate weigher is selected automatically, reducing the number of silos you need.

Product - BCDxy - WiW.png

ALFRA dose&weigh software

The embedded ALFRA dose&weigh software uses historical data to start the coarse dosing and then adjusts the fine product flow profile dynamically, achieving up to 20% more throughput – even for materials with varying flow characteristics. The improved accuracy saves raw materials, while batch times are shorter and more predictable. Now, materials dosing is no longer a process bottleneck.

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