Micro preparation in boxes

The ALFRA Box Dosing System (ALFRA BDS) is a modular and scaleable platform that is designed to completely automate the preparation of micro ingredients for animal feed production in boxes. 

The ALFRA Micro Box Doser (ALFRA MBD) is a central part of this BDS platform. The MBD automates the dosing and weighing steps for the prepartion of micro ingredients. In most factories these steps are still done by hand.

Why automate the preparation of micro ingredients? 

Manual preparations of ingredients are often difficult to control, prone to contamination and human errors.  Moreover, the manual addition process often involves  health and safety risks for employees. 

Automating the micro dosing and weighing process improves consistency in quality, process control and health & safety performance.

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Box Dosing System


Technical specs


Dosing range 50 g to 50 kg
Weighing accuracy 1 g
Dosing capacity 50 kg
Dosing positions 6 to 40 silo positions
Dosing range 50 g to 50 kg
Weighing accuracy 1 g
Dosing capacity 50 kg
Dosing positions 1 to 10 silo positions


Key advantages


Accurate, reliable and fast micro dosing = Lower waste, higher quality & increased capacity

Track & Trace using RFID and control software = Ensure ingredients used according the recipe. 

Compact system, small footprint and low height = Easy placement, at new and existing plants with limited space.

Modular and scalable system = Future proof, easy to expand production capacity.  

Clean system with active dust extraction = Improves HSE conditions and reduces risk at cross contamination. 

Offline independent placement & production = Flexibility, prepare micro ingredients during day and use them at night

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