Movable weighing mixer

Have you ever considered to move the mixer to your product silos instead of the other way around?

  • Movable weighing mixer for high capacity finished product blending
  • Dose directly in the movable mixer & improve the flexibility of your plant
  • Perfect homogenous mixture with minimal product damage.
  • Reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • Compact design minimizes solution footprint and building height
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Movable bulk mixer

The ALFRA BUVM outloading system for bulk materials loads trucks cleanly and quickly with much less product damage and contamination than conventional chain or belt conveyors. It collects large volumes of finished product (meal, pellets, flakes, dry powders, granulates and other fragile products). Moreover, the BUVM blends the ingredients while they are on the move to save time. 

The BUVM can be certified to OIML R51. With certified calibration, weighing data from the BUVM can determine payloads for customer billing. This is more accurate than weighing complete trucks and eliminates extra handling by truck drivers.

Technical specs
Dosing range 10 kg to 6.000 kg
Dosing accuracy 400 g
Weighing accuracy 200 g
Weighing capacity 1.000 kg to 6.000 kg
Dosing positions  4 to 40+ silo positions




ALFRA dose&weigh software

The embedded ALFRA dose&weigh software uses historical data to start the coarse dosing and then adjusts the fine product flow profile dynamically, achieving up to 20% more throughput – even for materials with varying flow characteristics. The improved accuracy saves raw materials, while batch times are shorter and more predictable. Now, materials dosing is no longer a process bottleneck!

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Pioneering dosing slide

KSE's pioneering dosing slide makes fundamental improvements over traditional dosing systems using screw drives. It has few moving parts for easy maintenance and long life (>20 years). It delivers finished product with greater speed and accuracy, and has an enormous dynamic flow range (1:1000).

The unique KSE dosing slide maintains the all-important First-In-First-Out material flow, eliminating deadzones in the silo. with its very large discharge area it is highly effective at avoiding bridging and rat holing. Vertical delivery means no product damage or compaction. 

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