Container based dosing & weighing system for medium components

  • Quickly exchange ingredients by switching containers (no need to empty silo)
  • Flexible storage of raw materials in containers
  • Easy to clean (container & hopper)
  • Suitable for limited building heights
  • Variable position for discharge points
  • Can be installed offline
  • Optional: pick & place crane
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Container based dosing & weighing

ALFRA GCCD + Pick & Place crane


Container based dosing system

During the production of pet food, special additions and low volume ingredients often need to be exchanged for each new recipe. The challenge is on how to do this efficiently without needing a separate silo or manual additions for each ingredient. That is where our GCCD comes in.

The key to success of the GCCD are exchangeable containers with dosing slides, realizing efficient and contamination-free dosing from small to large quantities. The containers can be used to store ingredients and can be exchanged quickly to active positions on the GCCD, to switch quickly of production recipes. The GCCD has enough active positions to dose and weigh up to 24 ingredients automatically.

The combination of high throughput and outstanding accuracy is captured in the unique dosing slide the GCCD features. This ensures that dosing and weighing no longer is a factory bottleneck. Notably, it prevents using labor-intensive and error-prone hand dosing – or an additional machine for dosing small amounts – by being able to handle from 100 grams up to a 1.000 kg in a single machine.

A clean workplace is a certainty with the extra features, like a built-in dust extractor which reduces cross contamination to the minimum or even zero. A large inspection hatch ensure cleaning, inspection and maintenance are all simple. The proven and optimized design ensures the running costs are low.

Technical specs


Dosing range 100 g to 1.000 kg
Dosing accuracy 4 g
Weighing accuracy 2 g
Dosing positions 4 to 40+ silo positions



With two weighing scales in one hopper (Weigher-in-Weigher) we make full use of our pioneering dosing slide concept. Dosing large quantities directly into the large weigher – with smaller quantities first going into the small weigher – means high throughput combined with excellent accuracy. Now, the appropriate weigher is selected automatically, reducing the number of silos you need.

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ALFRA dose&weigh software

The embedded ALFRA dose&weigh software uses historical data to start the coarse dosing and then adjusts the fine product flow profile dynamically, achieving up to 20% more throughput – even for materials with varying flow characteristics. The improved accuracy saves raw materials, while batch times are shorter and more predictable. Now, materials dosing is no longer a process bottleneck!

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