Dosing system for small components

  • High throughput for small components such as dry powders, granulates and pellets
  • Equipped with ALFRA Dosing Slide
  • Low OPEX and operational life > 20 years
  • closed design for clean workplace
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Workhorse for small component doses

Reliable hardware

The ALFRA KCD is designed for dosing and weighing dry powders, granulates and pellets. The dosing and weighing system combines high throughput with excellent accuracy.

The system is equipped with the ALFRA dosing slide, which features a huge dynamic range compared to tradional dosing screws. The ALFRA KCD uses a dosing slide platform that supports up to 24 slides, which enables operators to dose 0.25 gram to 100 kilogram quickly and accurately from up to 24 silos.

The stationairy weighing hopper is sealed to ensure a low-dust operation. Materials are traceable throuh all the process stages. Cleaning, inspection and maintenance are easy to cary out and the OPEX costs are low.


Smart software

The ALFRA KCD stationary weighing hopper comes installed with ALFRA dose&weigh software. The self learning software uses historical data to start the dosing process and adjusts the fine product flow profile dynamically to achieve up to 20% more throughput - even for materials with varying flow charactersistics.

The improved accuracy saves raw materials, while batch times become shorter and more predictable. The software has proven itself in the field as accurate and reliable with excellent adjustability.

Technical specs
Dosing range 0,25 kg to 100 kg
Dosing accuracy 10 g
Weighing accuracy 5 g
Dosing positions 8 to 24 silo positions


ALFRA dosing slide platform

The ALFRA dosing slide platform for the KCD supports 8 to 24 dosing slides.

  • 1 pneumatic drive to power 24 slides saves costs and energy
  • Robust and reliable to support continuous operation for years to come
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ALFRA dosing slide

The unique ALFRA dosing slide is the heart of the ALFRA product line.

  • Dynamic flow range 1 : 1000
  • Fast and accurate dosing
  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) product flow enables reliable track & trace.
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