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Aquafeed Outlook 2024: Automation, efficiency and new raw materials

2023 has been a challenging year for aquafeed manufacturers due to the high price of raw materials and low seafood prices. Aquafeed.com talked with some feed technology suppliers to get their insights and how they see 2024.

De Molenaar - KSE: Celebrating 50 years in dosing, weighing and automation

KSE celebrates 50 years of experience in the design, supply and implementation of both machinery and software.

Feed Strategy: New technologies focus on automation, traceability, sensors and energy savings

The latest generation of new innovations in feed mill technology centers around automation, traceability, sensors and energy savings, according to some experts in the industry. Labor shortages, regulatory requirements and the need to increase productivity has become more necessary in feed mills.

KSE Opens its Anniversary Year

2023 marks the 50th anniversary year for KSE Process Technology.

De Molenaar - From Hammer Mill to Windmill: The Constant Journey of Ben van Roosmalen (KSE)

On December 1st, technical consultant Ben van Roosmalen hung up his hat at KSE in Bladel (NL), hereby concluding a career of over 30 years in the animal nutrition industry. Van Roosmalen remains connected with mills as he is currently in training to become a voluntary miller at the local mill in Hapert.

The Humanization of Pet Food and How This Affects the Pet Food Processing Industry

Times are changing, and so is the pet food industry. As a pet food manufacturer, it’s key to stay ahead of the competition by adapting to the latest developments.

The value of accurate dosing

A correct dosage of raw materials is the first step towards a high-quality finished product. The recipe and nutritional value determine the exact raw materials and quantities need to achieve an ideal composition. It is therefore essential to mix them accurately and cleanly, in order to deliver a high-quality product.

IPPE Marketplace TECHTalk: The ALFRA Micro Box Doser

Manual dosing is a risky process; contamination is likely to occur, it is prone to human errors and difficult to control.

Pet Food Processing: Portion Control

Today's technology offers pet food manufacturers a leg up on regulating precize portions to guarantee the safety and consistency of the product.