Animal Feed Software

Pet food software made simple with PROMAS ST

Pet food manufacturers require specialized pet food software to develop their recipes. You might have the impression that a scientist working in special laboratory oversees getting all the nutrients in a specific type of pet food just right. The truth is that pet food recipes are developed by computer software programs. KSE’s pet food software supports pet food manufacturers every step of the way: allocate the right raw materials at the right place and time, produce at the lowest expenses and deliver high quality food for pets with detailed product traceability.


Plant automation software for high quality pet food

Plant automation software ensures hugely simplified management, operation and maintenance. Today’s pet food manufacturers strive for more efficient factories where raw material- and end product inventories are minimized without sacrificing the ability to respond quickly to customer-specific orders. At the same time, processing must be faster and more controlled. PROMAS ST plant automation software allows you to receive the product information you need, along with detailed product traceability. You will know exactly what went into every product, along with every activity and event for every dosingweighing, blending, grinding and transport machine, with a time stamp.


Hardware-independent and sustainable animal feed software

Our future-proof animal feed software is hardware independent and easy to upgrade. At KSE, we believe flexibility and transparency are the main goals of animal software. The need to keep up with a highly evolving market while keeping animal feed production capacity high is a big challenge. Good animal feed software can help eliminate waste in the process and reduce the amount of people needed. At the same time, it offers the flexibility needed to reduce time to market for new products with new additions and ingredients. This flexibility can be even more valuable than the cost reductions itself. With more than 50 years of experience in these sectors, we have established ourselves as specialists in optimizing our clients' production processes using best-of-breed equipment and intelligent software.

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