Specialized in animal nutrition

We have a strong focus on the animal nutrition & petfood manufacturing sectors. With over 50 years of experience in the animal feed industry we have developed ourselves as a specialist in optimizing the production process of our clients with the best-of-breed equipment and smart software.

Our machines are applicable in different industries. These are our most common industries. Curious what we can do in your industry? Feel free to contact us. We’re glad to help you find the optimal solution.

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Premix / Minerals

The premix and mineral industry has special requirements regarding accurate dosing and precision weighing system of a particularly wide range of ingredients. Quantities can vary from a few grams to tens of thousands of kilograms so an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the processes involved for premix machines is essential.


Compound feed

The need for efficient and flexible solutions in the compound feed industry is growing. This is because the scale of livestock farms continues to increase. The cost of compound feed production is to a large extend affected by the technology that is used for compound feed production.


Pet food

Manufacturing premium pet food requires equipment that meets and exceeds the growing demands of the global pet food industry. Increasing complexity forms the biggest challenge for pet food manufacturers; more recipes, a growing number of ingredients, additions that are difficult to dose and higher quality standards driven by customer demands.


Aqua feed

The aqua feed industry has very high requirements. The feed must maintain its shape and texture in water and be durable for transport and storage. High accuracy is mandatory because of the use of expensive components but also because even a small deviation has a big impact on the finished product.

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Other industries

There are many industries where accurate dosing and weighing of powders, granules and pellets are critical steps in the process and where components need to be handled efficiently, for example the manufacturing of building materials, chemicals and special products. We will gladly discuss the possibilities for your specific business.