Aqua Feed Processing

Outstanding knowledge of aqua feed processing

The aqua feed processing industry uses raw materials with poor and strongly varying flow characteristics. To guarantee the quality of the end product while avoiding production delays, fast and accurate dosing without interruptions is necessary for the aqua feed processing industry. The use of expensive components requires outstanding accuracy, also because even a small deviation may have a large impact on the end product. 

Thanks to many years of experience in the feed processing industry, KSE has the right knowledge and expertise. Our container solutions minimize contamination and ensure that error-prone and labor-intensive manual additions are a thing of the past.


Aqua feed machines that you can rely on

KSE is your partner when it comes to aqua feed machines. Over the years we have developed many successful projects for the aqua feed industry. These machines continue to develop throughout the years. KSE designs and manufactures feed machines and offers complete plant solutions for the global aqua feed industry. Our technologies are based on a competitive approach to meeting the requirements of successful aqua feed manufacturers. Superior feed quality ensures the most profitable operation, health and feed conversion rate for your farmed fish. KSE’s aqua feed machines offer the optimum solution for your specific production needs.

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Tailored solutions for the aqua feed manufacturing process

KSE is the perfect partner for the design, engineering and construction of your aqua feed manufacturing process. Our project engineers have the required skills to optimize your feed manufacturing process. We will work in close cooperation with you to select the most suitable elements from the range of key processes, with customized solutions for non-standard requirements. KSE’s team of experts and aqua feed manufacturing process specialists will be a part of your project development from the very beginning, securing high-quality standard, premium performance, cost-efficient production, and operational reliability.

As one of the most reliable fish feed machine manufacturers, we have worked on a number of projects involving aqua feed and have always achieved the results that our customers expected. Our feed processing solutions provide complete control over the entire process, so you can produce fish feed of the highest quality. Furthermore KSE’s fish feed machines minimize the environmental impact due to less energy consumption, less feed waste and less transportation of feed and feed stuff.

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