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ALFRA: a complete range of dosing and weighing systems

KSE is the supplier of ALFRA weighing and dosing systems – the machines that enable companies in the powder and granulates processing industry to measure any product safely, flexibly and efficiently. This applies to micro, medium and macro components in all quantities. KSE supplies weighing systems for each step within a process: from the intake of raw materials to bulk weighing systems for the distribution of finished products. Purchasing an ALFRA weighing system is a good long-term investment. Our systems generally have a fifty-year service life. If you would like to find out more about how ALFRA Dosing and Weighing Technology can help optimize your dosing performance, reduce operator actions, and cut down on dosing errors, you can check our equipment.


Bulk weighing systems for quick and clean loading

KSE offers a complete range of bulk weighing systems with a huge weighing capacity for animal feeds, foodstuffs, industrial, agricultural and special products:

· The ALFRA BUVC bulk weighing system for bulk materials loads trucks cleanly and quickly with much less product damage and contamination than conventional chain or belt conveyors. This system features a movable weighing hopper for fast pre-loading. It collects large volumes of product and discharges these into a weighing hopper and contra bin.

· The ALFRA BUVM is designed for end of line mixing of finished kibbles and/or flakes. It can position itself to and from any designated location within its zone of operation. A possible feature of the BUVM is the weighing option, ensuring precise weighing by use of load cells.

· The ALFRA BUVT doses from one or multiple silos and discharges directly into truck compartments. With certified calibration, weighing data can determine payloads for customer billing. This offers a higher weighing accuracy than weighing complete trucks and eliminates extra handling by truck drivers.


KSE’s ALFRA systems provide excellent weighing accuracy

Precise weighing accuracy of the components has always been crucial when manufacturing quality feed or premix. All components need to be dosed and weighed in the right percentage for the mix. Even the smallest deviation or variation in feed composition can have a big influence on the precise weighing accuracy. Almost half a century of experience has led KSE to a complete range of high accuracy weighing and dosing machines for the animal feed industry. We also offer PROMAS ST weighing automation. Thanks to KSE’s required knowledge, equipment and expertise in software, you can rest assured that your plant will deliver optimum performance.

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