Animal feed production

Premium solutions for sustainable animal feed production

KSE’s solutions for animal feed production will help you to manufacture premium quality feed and to make economically responsible use of your raw materials and energy consumption. As a technology partner with almost 50 years of experience in the industry of animal feed production, we support you in every aspect of the production of reliable animal feed. The animal feed production market runs day and night and unplanned production stops are extremely costly. KSE offers 24/7 customer support to guarantee operational continuity.

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Our main focus is animal feed production

For nearly half a decade, KSE Process Technology has been establishing an enviable reputation for their solutions in the animal feed production market. Our robust equipment and future-proof automation software will increase the speed, accuracy and reliability of your production lines. For this we can draw on the practical experience of the people in our multidisciplinary KSE teams. By combining mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering skills, we are able to realize state-of-the-art solutions for the dosing and weighing process in your animal feed production plant. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of sustainability in animal feed production. Our solutions are designed to minimize waste and environmental impact while maximizing resource efficiency. The robustness and efficiency of our ALFRA equipment is also evident in our PROMAS automation software.


Animal food machines: Revolutionizing pet nutricion

Animal food production, including the opration of animal food machines, plays a crucial role in sustaining the food supply chain for all types of animals. Animal feed must be nutritious and safe for the animals to consume, ensuring it is also safe for human consumption. This means animal food production, which incorporates the use of advanced technology such as animal food machines, is a very complex process that uses various food safety-sensitive ingredients and raw materials. The production of high-quality animal feed, achieved through advancaed machinery and processes, ensures that the feed is both nutritious for the animals and safe for human consumption.

KSE is your knowledgeable partner for the animal food production process. Whether you are planning to realize a complete new facility, modify or expand an existing animal food production plant, our consultants will help you design and increase the performance of your production lines, including the integration and utilization of animal food machines. With our extensive industry expertise, we understand the unique challenges of animal food production and the regulatory requirements that govern it.

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