Our approach

One continuous solution

We support our clients during all phases of development of their plant; from defining the initial requirements for a new factory - to performing bottleneck analyses at existing process lines.

We remain involved to share our knowledge and experience. Together we can maximize the added value of your next project. 

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Our starting point is your data

Defining the process requirements and limitations is the first step to determine the best design. 

During this step we gather relevant information on your process requirements. We look at the desired output, batch-times, recipes, ingredients and their characteristics. All this information will be turned into valuable data that will influence the design considerations during further analysis.

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Concept design

Predictable performance

We leverage your data to accurately predict performance of various design scenarios.

Using computer simulations, we test every possible process designs; we run years of virtual production through each process design in a matter of hours. Our data-driven approach to concept development ensures a validated performance, supporting your business case every step of the way.

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Mechanical, electrical and software

Multidisciplinairy teams engineer the complete mechatronical solution for each project. Mechanical, electrical and software experts cooperate closely to ensure each system is designed according to the latest quality, safety and performance requirements. 

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A modular approach

During construction and assembly, our craftsmen transform engineering drawings into reality. ALFRA equipment is constructed using a modular approach, enabling easy transportation and quick installation on site. Every ALFRA product is ingrained with Dutch quality and craftsmanship to help withstand the test of time.

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Achieving performance

Our experts are commited to ensure that your process reaches its promised performance.

We supervise the installation, commissioning, testing and optimizing activities. Our team trains your operators, ensuring everyone is prepared to deliver an optimal performance every day. KSE experts remain available 24/7 to provide support and expert advice when needed.

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Committed to care

At KSE we are committed to ensure our customers can continue to run a production according to the full potential of their factory. Our experts remain involved to provide support; from bottleneck analysis of a production ine to sourcing the right spare parts for your  next scheduled maintenance stop.

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