Adding value to the production process

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How to handle the increase in formulas in your future operations

Many customers ask us for quotes for our machines. This usually means they have a project in mind, for which they already determined their desired capacity, batch-times and sometimes even level of automation. In many cases they also have the mixer/extruder/press in mind, as well as the global lay-out of the plant. To tie it all together, they need to know the details of our machines and the internal transport options. That’s when we get the call. Even though there is nothing wrong with thinking of the ideal plant before talking to several suppliers, we at KSE are willing to help you earlier in the process.


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Analyze raw materials and formulations

We can draw from a large pool of technical consultants who are more than happy to share their thoughts on your process. The first step in our advice is to analyse your raw materials and formulations. By estimating the number and quantities of raw materials passing through your (desired) production process, we can better suggest which equipment can be placed in which order to get the most benefit out of them. This maximises your efficiency at each investment level.


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KSE calculates the benefits for your plant

With 50 years of industry experience, we have built up an impressive client base; for example, with Cargill, De Heus, Trouw Nutrition, Nestle Purina, Mars, ADM and many more. It all started with analysing recipes. Each time we were able to demonstrate our added value in the production process. In some cases, we even surprised our customers with an idea they hadn’t thought of. Is height a restriction at your plant? Have you ever considered container transport? Do you know the benefits of a moving weigher? We can calculate the benefits for you, based on the data you provide. It will take us a few days, but we’re here to show you our expertise. Contact your area’s sales manager to find out more about our services (or our equipment if you have your plans ready).

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