The increasing number of components in animal nutrition formulas

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Micro and medium component dosing at its finest

Many studies and research on nutritional topics for people and animals show that the sector is moving forward. Research and development mean progress because the end-product will become better. However, as the feed becomes better, it often becomes more complicated because it means more and/or changing ingredients. And to make matters more difficult: it usually means smaller doses. Finally, it must be done at the same cost-price or lower.


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KSE calculates the benefits for your plant

Luckily KSE has produced some ideas to help feed-companies automatize more and smaller doses in their production line. For example, our “Weigher-in-Weigher” (WiW) concept that is fitted on all our mobile dosing-systems. The WiW is a small weigher that is mounted on top of the weighing hopper and folds away when larger quantities need to be dosed. In case of the ALFRA FCD Micro-dosing system, the dosing range can be extended downwards from 100Kg to 50gr per dose, making the FCD a complete, compact and flexible dosing system.

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Automate the dosing process

To go even further, KSE has developed a Box Dosing System (BDS) that uses 70L Boxes to collect the smallest doses from 100gr to 50Kg to create small hand-dosing batches. The perfect solution for your ever-growing number of small pre-mix, vitamins and other additive ingredients. The boxes are tagged by RFID, they will pick-up their respective recipes automatically under each bin, weighed accurately (up to 1gr precision), then roll out to the “ready zone” where they can be picked up by an operator, scanned and added to the batch. Because of its design, the BDS can be installed in factories with limited space and height. Furthermore, it is a modular system so it can expand in several phases.

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