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The manufacturing process of dosing small quantities

Dosing small quantities is often done by hand because, with a small number of employees and some simple scales, a lot of work can be handled. However, as manufacturing plants product more product, the amount of micro-dosings increases. Availability of operators is decreasing worldwide. Consumer demand as well as research and development by nutritionists boost the number of different small ingredients. And traceability becomes more and more important in the manufacturing process. All these factors increase the importance of having fast, reliable, and mostly accurate micro-dosing equipment on hand that does not hold the plant back.

Within the range of ALFRA dosing & weighing equipment, any micro-dosing and discharging situation can be tailored to achieve high levels of automation. Any dosing between 50 g to 150 kg can be technically managed by one machine, which results in a large amount of flexibility.

With KSE’s petfood, premix and animal feed plants all over the world, a customized solution that fits your production speed, plant space, batch size and/or ROI requirements can surely be found.

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Micro-dosing no longer the bottleneck in your production

ALFRA offers a variety of micro-dosing equipment that can be easily implemented in your petfood production plant. Stationary machines offer a great combination of speed, ROI and reliability. The ALFRA KCD can accurately dose between 50 g and 100 kg* for up to 12 bins per hopper. There are hundreds if not thousands of these units installed worldwide, some running for 30+ years. *maximum dose depends on size KCD: 3 options available

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Flexibility is key

The ALFRA FCD dosing & weighing station consists of a movable weigher and our signature Weigher-in-Weigher technology. Because of the second weigher, the dosing range is extended and allows this incredible machine to dose anywhere between 50 g and 100 kg with high precision. Since the weigher is movable, the number of bins is flexible as well as the amount of discharge points.


The roof is the limit

In factories where a micro-dosing station is added to the existing plant; height is often a limit. KSE has come up with a different solution by creating interchangeable bins. The ALFRA FCCD is a dosing & weighing station that uses these bins, instead of flexible silos. The bins can be placed on to of the machine by forklift or crane and the movable weigher beneath makes the FCCD a great option for lower ceiling production halls.