Feeding packaging lines in a flexible,

fast and clean way without kibble damage and contamination

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ALFRA Solutions

ALFRA’s solutions for finished product handling can collect large volumes of finished products (up to 13,500 lbs / 6.000 kg) in exact quantities such as kibbles, flakes, granulates and other fragile products and can discharge at multiple locations within the plant.

Because these systems work without conveyor belts, pneumatic tubes, chain conveyors or other types of conventional transport, there is a minimal risk of cross-contamination. ALFRA’s equipment for feeding packaging lines are easy to clean, require less building height and can be installed in brownfield as well as greenfield situations.

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Kibble mixing, fast and clean

More and more pet food manufacturers offer a multi kibble mix, or a mix of kibble and bits. ALFRA’s movable bulk scale hoppers collect batches kibble from a large number of bins (up to 60 bins) and bring these to a mixer or straight up to various packaging lines. These big scales can move in multiple directions and speed up your process, increase your flexibility and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and kibble damage.

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Preventing cross-contamination with the petfood dosing slide

This special dosing slide for finished petfood kibbles is equipped with a smart operating system that is self-learning and features a unique design that will prevent cutting kibbles during the dosing process while maintaining a high capacity and accuracy. A clean swipe function and vibrations remove remaining product from the dosing slide to prevent any contamination of colors and shapes.

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Movable weighing mixer for product blending and bulk outloading

ALFRA’s solutions for kibble and end-of-line mixing improve the flexibility of your operation and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by moving the mixer to the product silos instead of the other way around. The advanced mobility eliminates the need for additional mechanical ways of internal transfer which are often expensive and form a risk of de-mixing or even damage to the final product.