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is your production future proof?

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Future proof equipment

Animal nutrition is becoming more complicated as time goes by. The future of balanced nutrition for pets as well as agriculture livestock will more likely have an increased number of ingredients rather than less different ingredients. At KSE, we tend to look at the lifetime of new product lines and its equipment such that it will last for 20+ years. This means that we must think about the changes we expect that will take place inside the production plants. That we are building today and translate these changes into our equipment.

ALFRA equipment can have an extremely wide dosing range, can be modular and there are machines that work with interchangeable product containers. Furthermore, in case of larger projects, we take the future into account when planning. For example, if we propose a GCDxy medium components weigher, we usually look at expansion options and ready the equipment for increase in the number of silos.

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Wide dosing range

ALFRA’s signature Weigher-in-Weigher technology allows KSE to increase the flexibility of the installation by extending the dosing range. This allows a movable weigher to create batches of both micro as well as medium components. This will give you incredible flexibility in your formulations, without having to install new equipment on the line. Furthermore, in case of our movable weighers, the number of bins is flexible as well as the amount of discharge points. This again offers great flexibility in the production process.

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Building height no longer a limiting factor

In factories where a medium/micro station is added to the existing plant; height is often a limiting factor. KSE has come up with a different solution by creating interchangeable bins. The ALFRA FCCD and GCCD are dosing and weighing machines that use these bins, instead of fixed silos. The bins can be placed on top op the machine by forklift or crane and the movable weigher beneath makes it possible to discharge at different points The lack of fixed raw material silos, makes the FCCD and GCCD great options for production halls that have a lower ceiling. Furthermore, each container can be fitted with RFID tags, thereby hugely improving the traceability of ingredients.

Video of ALFRA containerized dosing and weighing equipment

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