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Innovative software to optimize production efficiency

It can be frustrating to see your production facility not live up to its full potential. Perhaps there are some bottlenecks in the dosing and weighing process that are slowing down other processes and creating queues or causing downtime in machines. A likely cause of this is unsuitable food production software for your production facility. This software often needs expensive re-engineering when new hardware is introduced, or old hardware is replaced. And since these investments need to be made quite often, upgrades are often not worth the investment. With the food production software that we provide at KSE, you are able to flexibly scale the software incrementally as you grow your production and only a few easy and simple steps need to be made when changing hardware. 

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Our intuitive PROMAS ST software for food manufacturing

Innovative ERP for the food industry

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are widely used in many different industries, but the food manufacturing industry often lacks behind due to its dynamic nature and incremental growth. With our PROMAS ST software, you are able to scale the growth of your food manufacturing software with the growth of your production due to the modular approach that is independent from hardware and other software. The ERP system collects and analyzes data, which is presented in a clear overview to aid your business decision making. From this overview you can gather insights into where improvements need to be made in order to realize the full potential of your production process. These are just some ways in which the PROMAS ST food software can aid your manufacturing business to succeed.


Not just for manufacturing food

Staying ahead in a competitive and dynamic market with solids manufacturing software

The dry ingredient or solids manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive and dynamic markets in the manufacturing business. Due to the rapid changes in supply, demand and recipes, the solids manufacturing industry is constantly under a lot of stress. This is why it is extremely important, especially in this competitive and dynamic marketplace, to optimize your production with food manufacturing software that increases efficiency all across the board. By choosing KSE as your supplier in solids and food production software, we stand by your side through the dynamics of your marketplace and help you deal with changes in demand, recipes and more. 

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Our primary emphasis lies in the realms of animal food manufacturing companies. Drawing upon more than five decades of expertise in these fields, we have honed our skills as experts in enhancing our clients' production processes through the integration of top-tier equipment and intelligent software solutions.

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