Food processing software for improved manufacturing performance

The importance of software

KSE is a supplier of dosing and weighing systems, automation solutions and services for producers of powders and granulates in the animal feed industry and related industries. A family business to the core, personal contact, excellent service are key to us. With worldwide activities, our main focus is on the animal feed industry. KSE is a true specialist in this market. No other company in the animal feed industry can offer customers this level of support in terms of dosing and weighing systems and automation software.


KSE food processing software solutions

A comprehensive food manufacturing ERP system

An ERP system, which stands for enterprise resource planning system, gives a complete and comprehensive overview of your operation. This food manufacturing software is invaluable when it comes to identifying bottlenecks and keeping track of your complex manufacturing process. By analyzing your data and showing it in a clear overview, you gain a new perspective that allows you to improve your business decision making. The ERP-system also includes food manufacturing inventory management software that keeps track of your inventory, so no materials are ever misplaced or missing. These are just a few reasons why a food manufacturing ERP system, like we offer here at KSE, is a must-have for any food manufacturing plant. 


Future-proof your process

Food processing software that grows as you grow

When you are looking for automation software in the food industry, it is difficult to find software that is flexible and that does not need to be completely reengineered when new hardware is introduced. The PROMAS ST food industry software is completely different in its modular approach and its independence of hardware. By using the PROMAS ST software, you can replace old hardware or add new machinery easily with just a few steps. This allows your production process to grow incrementally without spending huge costs on reengineering. As the leaders in food processing software, we strive to optimize the efficiency and growth potential of your manufacturing process.