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De Molenaar - Specialization and Growth: Modernization of Brons Mengvoeders in Full Swing

In February, the Dutch feed industry magazine De Molenaar published an article about the factory modernization of compound feed producer Brons Mengvoeders, a long-term customer of KSE.

The Value of Accurate Dosing

A correct dosage of raw materials is the first step towards a high-quality finished product. The recipe and nutritional value determine the exact raw materials and quantities need to achieve an ideal composition. It is therefore essential to mix them accurately and cleanly, in order to deliver a high-quality product.

IPPE Marketplace TECHTalk: The ALFRA Micro Box Doser

Manual dosing is a risky process; contamination is likely to occur, it is prone to human errors and difficult to control.

Pet Food Processing: Portion Control

Today's technology offers pet food manufacturers a leg up on regulating precize portions to guarantee the safety and consistency of the product.

TechTalk: Petfood Outloading Concepts

The virtual edition of Petfood Forum featured a Techtalk about KSE's variety of concepts for finished product handling lines in petfood. Check it out and learn about developing dosing and weighing solutions to cope with the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the pet food processing industry.

KSE Becomes More and More Prominent on the US Market

The North American animal feed industry is on the eve of major technological innovation. More reason for KSE Process Technology to present itself more increasingly in this market. ‘’Many American companies in the branch will be modernising their factories in the coming years. This offers great opportunities for us.’’

Petfood Formulation Changes: Is Your Factory Up to the Task?

How do you cope with the countless changes in formulation driven by market demands, FDA regulations and marketing gurus? This ever-changing landscape of powders, meat inclusions and spices to feed our beloved four-footed friends? When talking about pet food formulation, we often focus on nutrition and optimisation. But what about the factories that manufacture these foods? Are they even up to the task?

Dosing Slide vs. Dosing Screw

When designing silo-discharge systems in process installations, one is often confronted with the question of whether to use a dosing slide or a dosing screw. An important advantage of a dosing slide is that a large dynamic flow range can be achieved both quickly and accurately.

Progressive Project GA Requires Joining Forces

Roger Bracewell, owner of GA Pet Food Partners in England, wishes to be able to guarantee that the produced petfood contains the exact prescribed recipe. To achieve that contamination-free production is imperative. Since the company works with almost 400 ingredients and over 800 different formulas, far-reaching changes were required, as well as joining forces by different professionals.