Maximize your process flexibility

whilst reducing cross-contamination to zero


KSE’s Automatic Container Transport System (ACT)

KSE’s Automatic Container Transport System (ACT) replaces all conventional conveying systems. Containers are used to transfer batches of ingredients or finished products throughout your facility. This highly automated system operates autonomously, and processes run simultaneously.

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Extremely flexible in design: modular and scalable

The ACT system contains versatile modules (building blocks) to be able to meet with all individual process steps. This makes the ACT system extremely modular and scalable. Different modules are combined to create your own individual process flow, from a limited part in your process to as extended as you can think of. The number of containers is unlimited. Containers can carry product up to 6,600 lbs / 3.000 kg, from 53 cft to 177 cft / 1.500 to 5.000 liters.

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Reduce cross-contamination to zero

One of the key advantages is the complete separation of different product (groups) into dedicated containers. Dedicated container groups for Medicated GMO or vegan products are protected with RFID coding to reduce cross-contamination to zero and seal your track and trace process. All container groups can use the same lines.

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Automated and optimized process

Versatile modules combined, make the ACT suitable for most processes. To name a few, fully automatic filling and weighing are some of these modules. Transfer is another key part of the system. The automatic transfer can be done horizontally and vertically to make the ACT suitable for every location and facility. Using ACT containers further decreases damages to the finished kibble and risk of de-mixing.