Petfood Forum is a unique and exclusive event serving the global pet food manufacturing industry. It delivers the opportunity to learn the latest research and innovative information on pet nutrition, global pet food market growth, pet food safety, processing packaging and much more – all from leading, recognized pet food industry experts.

3 reasons to visit us at Petfood Forum:

1. Increase your cost effectiveness

Due to the increasing competition from chain stores, petfood manufacturers are forced to reduce manufacturing costs. With a 360-degree process view, KSE offers the right insights and, thanks to the modular design of our hardware, we always find a suitable solution to optimize your performance, increase productivity and reduce costs to extend the life of your petfood facility.

2. Learn to cope with the regulations and challenges for pet food safety

The role of the petfood manufacturer is to provide safe, nutritious food for pets, compliant with the ever-changing regulations. A responsible petfood manufacturer will take safety and quality very seriously and will have their own defined processes and standards that help ensure the safety and quality of their ingredients and products. KSE's starting point is to eliminate product contamination, especially when dealing with changeovers between batches. The next step is to increase the flexibility in the production process, while maintaining capacity and throughput.

3. How to achieve a very high accuracy, especially when dosing micro ingredients?

KSE is the proud inventor of the ALFRA Dosing Slide, which can reach an accuracy up to 10 times higher than conventional dosing screws. The dosing range of the ALFRA Dosing Slide is also much wider and there are benefits in keeping the product activated, creating a first-in first-out flow of product. In this video we have made a detailed comparison between both technologies.

The KSE team looks forward to meeting you at booth #2526. 

Petfood Forum 2024 will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City (US) from April 29 – May 1, 2024. For more information, visit: