Improving your ingredient traceability

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How to track and trace different ingredients?

At KSE, we visit many production plants around the world. We can personally see the evolution of standards in the world of food production and more and more these standards are getting higher. Gone are the days where factories are covered in a thick layer of dust. The reason for this increased level of hygiene is twofold: first, technological advancements make it easier and more affordable to keep a plant clean and second, customers demand higher standards and contamination-free products. The latter in particular is what drives KSE to develop fitting solutions for food production processes. 

So how can contamination be avoided? Most contamination comes from product residue being left behind during the process and then picked up later in another batch. This can happen anywhere in the production process, but some elements are notorious for it, such as old conveyer transports, dented silos, dosing screws and raw ingredient quality.

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Separating the contamination groups

When designing our solutions, we incorporate several ideas to keep your machines clean. Our weighers have rounded edges on the inside and can be fitted with agitation devices to keep raw materials from caking or creating ratholes. Our Automatic Container Transport uses dedicated containers to move raw materials and batches, thus making it very easy to separate contamination groups. We have designed dosing equipment that uses dedicated containers instead of silos to give production plants maximum flexibility in their ingredients without having to double-use or add silos. And finally, the KSE dosing slide is designed such that silos are emptied on a FIFO base, avoiding bridges and ratholes, while keeping the slides themselves clean. The slide is also sealed when closed, meaning no after-flow can contaminate the next dose. This avoids serious complications, especially with medication and/or feed-supplements.

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