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High standards are required nowadays for dog food manufacturing equipment. In the dog food manufacturing industry, we see an increase in special, fresh ingredients and dry freeze products. End of line additions and combinations to packaging lines are also becoming a more and more link for dog food manufacturing equipment. KSE optimizes your production process with minimal color and shape contamination and micro quantities of coloring agents. Our dog food manufacturing equipment ensures that flavorings and raw materials for kibbles can also be accurately dosed and flushing processes are more sustainable and efficient.


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The dog food manufacturing industry is demanding with increasingly high standards and increasingly complex recipes. Due to higher demand in special, fresh, dry-frozen and raw ingredients the manufacturing process for dog food has never been more complicated. With KSE, your dog food manufacturing process is streamlined allowing your production line to produce recipes that require multiple additions or combinations. KSE equipment additionally requires only minimal use of coloring agents and causes minimal color and shape contamination of the finished products. Flavorings and raw materials for kibbles can be accurately, precisely and automatically dosed and weighed to ensure the highest quality product produced in a sustainable way.

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KSE has been developing dog food processing machines for over 50 years and you can use our experience to your advantage. Some of the fastest growing dog food names, both nationally and internationally, have chosen KSE. With specialty production machinery for dry pet food or kibbles, wet pet food and treats we set the highest standards in the industry. The dog food manufacturing equipment is easy to maintain and clean, leading to an efficient and hygienic production process. As production specialists we see your production plant from a operator’s point of view and our firsthand experience allows us to find the best possible solutions to any problems your production might run into. This is why we are the pet food equipment suppliers you can rely on to meet any changes in formulas, recipes, demands and regulations with the expertise of KSE.



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KSE offers dosing and weighing technology that is state-of-the-art. Our dog food processing machines are equipped with a unique dosing slide that allows for high throughput weighing and dosing with unmatched accuracy and precision. Also containerized systems for internal transfer solutions or a dog food processing machine for finished product handling can aid your company in saving money, increasing throughput and maximizing profits. 

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