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The benefits of industrial automation

Automation of industrial processes is one of the most beneficial investments one can make in the food manufacturing industry, as many gains can be had by improving the communication between various software and machinery. Implementing industrial automation software ensures seamless integration and enhances overall productivity. Moreover, industrial automation software allows for real-time monitoring and control, significantly reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Automation of manual processes in your production plant has many benefits. Human interference with your raw materials or finished products is limited, meaning less to no contamination and no possibility of human error. This leads to a higher quality product that is produced in a more consistent fashion. By limiting human contact with ingredients and products their health and safety is also improved through the implementation of industrial automation software. Additionally, automation of manual processes in your production line frees up employees’ time to be spent where they are needed most, gaining an immediate return on your investment. There are many more examples on how automation can help you run a more efficient and cost-effective production. 

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Innovation in the field of automation software solutions

PROMAS ST: factory automation software of the future

Here at KSE, we offer automation software solutions that are guaranteed to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of your production process. Our innovative PROMAS ST software is uniquely designed specifically for food manufacturing and related industries. This manufacturing automation software is designed with a modular approach, meaning there are many different modules that you are able to toggle to fit your specific needs. The modular approach, in combination with its independence from other software or hardware, means that you are able to scale this software incrementally as your production line grows and expands. No need for expensive reengineering of software when you replace old hardware or add new machinery. This flexibility gives the software the lifespan of traditional mechanical hardware. The future-proof design makes the manufacturing automation software a great investment for the medium to long term.


How PROMAS ST can improve your plant automation process

One step at a time

The PROMAS ST industrial automation software has many more benefits that assist you in realizing the true potential of your manufacturing process. The capacity and quality of your production is increased while decreasing costs by streamlining your production process and identifying changes that can be made in order to improve. The software is easy and intuitive to use due to its Windows platform. The modular approach enables you to control individual machines all the way up to complete factory oversight. Thanks to the independence of hardware, the PROMAS ST manufacturing automation software is easy to upgrade and can grow incrementally as your production process grows. Enjoy detailed product traceability and prevent cross contamination with tools and modules that are specifically designed to improve the hygiene and transparency of your production.


KSE as your production automation software specialists

Staying connected after implementation

We value you and your production process, which is why we do not stop at supplying you with factory automation software of the highest quality. Even after implementation we stay connected, because we care about you and the success of your manufacturing process. This means that you can rely on us for remote support that is available 24/7, because we understand that your production must run day and night. If remote support proves to be insufficient for your particular manufacturing automation software issues, you are able to use our network of local subcontractors worldwide that can assist with hands-on support. Together we strive to optimize your production plant to be as durable, sustainable, cost-effective and as efficient as can be. By choosing us as your industrial automation software suppliers, you gain a partner in production.

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