Preventing cross contamination in your production facility

Improving the hygiene and quality of your manufacturing process

The standards and regulations regarding product contamination and manufacturing hygiene are stricter than ever before. This can lead to problems regarding processing facilities that have trouble complying with these new regulations and guidelines. Changing the manufacturing process to improve hygiene is often costly and difficult. Since contamination is a cumulative effect that builds up throughout the manufacturing process, it is difficult to isolate and improve on one part of the process and see a large effect on contamination. At KSE we have specialized in optimizing the hygiene of manufacturing processes and worked hard on solutions to prevent cross contamination throughout the entire production process. We supply only the highest quality machinery and software tailor-made to your process, aiding you in preventing cross contamination across the board. 

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Equipment for preventing cross contamination

Revolutionize with container-based internal transfer solutions

Contamination often happens during internal transfer of materials, where materials have to be moved throughout the facility where other materials are also being processed. The ALFRA Container Transfer (ACT) system is revolutionary in the fact that it aids in preventing cross contamination of materials during internal transfer significantly and almost eradicates it. When dedicated containers are used for each different ingredient or material group, this machine can be used for preventing contamination and cross contamination entirely, completely eradicating the dread of throwing away contaminated batches. This means that implementing the ACT system not only increases your compliance with today’s strict hygiene regulations and guidelines but is also a cost-effective investment that improves the quality of your product and production.


Preventing contamination and cross contamination of your materials through automation

Higher quality, lower contamination

Preventing contamination through automation makes a lot of sense. Eliminating human interference frees up their time to spend elsewhere and decreases their contact with the ingredients and finished products, therefore preventing contamination and increasing employee health and safety. The involvement of operators also leads to the element of human error, which could cause entire batches to be contaminated and therefore ruined. Automation eliminates these steps where operators are involved and improves the consistency that safeguards the high quality of your product. Automation of your processes is easier than you might expect with our help. We assist you every step of the way and stay connected beyond delivery. You can count on us when you are in need of assistance and our remote support staff is at your service 24/7. Thanks to our network of subcontractors worldwide, you are able to receive hands-on support if needed. By working together, we strive to improve the efficiency and hygiene of your production process by preventing contamination and streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

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Our primary emphasis lies in the realms of animal food manufacturing companies. Drawing upon more than five decades of expertise in these fields, we have honed our skills as experts in enhancing our clients' production processes through the integration of top-tier equipment and intelligent software solutions.

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