Improve your production performance with clever production plant process design

Work smarter, not harder

Your production plant process design is extremely important, and a bad design is very noticeable in the cost and quality of your production. A good process plant design, however, improves the efficiency of your production process and enables you to save costs. Additionally, a well-designed production plant takes the sustainability of your employees into consideration and makes sure that they are working where they are needed most. One way of improving the sustainability of your workforce is by implementing automation that is able to improve the flow of your production process plant. Using automation software, you are able to immediately gather data in an efficient manner. Our software works together seamlessly with the high-quality ALFRA machinery that makes transfers between different machines easy and contamination-free.

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Container-based solutions for production process plants

Eliminate cross contamination with the ALFRA ACT

The ALFRA Container Transport (ACT) system is a container-based internal transfer unit that reduces contamination while increasing product safety. This flexible production unit enables the transport of raw materials or finished products with very little to zero contamination due to its flexible materials that are used to transport the containers. This clever construction is a must-have in the design of any plant. By using dedicated containers for each ingredient group, you are able to completely eliminate any cross contamination. Thanks to this clever construction you are guaranteed a robust, fast, energy-saving, dust-free, contamination-free and flexible internal transfer solution. This machine fits in every process plant design and comes with fully automated tracking and tracing, RFID coding and check-weighers for full transparency of your production process.


Gain tips on the design of your plant with our software

Our PROMAS ST software for your process plant

One part of our revolutionary PROMAS ST software is its process control system (PCS). With modules for every type of machine in your process, this clever software is a blessing for plant design & engineering. By identifying bottlenecks, the software is able to give insight into where improvements in process plant engineering need to be made to fully optimize performance.  

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Our primary emphasis lies in the realms of animal food manufacturing companies. Drawing upon more than five decades of expertise in these fields, we have honed our skills as experts in enhancing our clients' production processes through the integration of top-tier equipment and intelligent software solutions.

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